Become a sponsor.

First off, we’re not fans of the word “advertising”. It has a negative connotation to the end user. We consider ad’s on our site as “Sponsorships”. When you display your content with us, we present it professionally and responsibly. Your brand will be attached to the article or page indefinitely.

Advertising, like for most apps and publications, plays a crucial role in business longevity. However, we’ve encountered an odd state on the current web. Many sites will try to “over display” ad’s that just don’t make sense for the content environment. Many load ad’s incorrectly and page performance suffers which doesn’t make sense for the end user. These ad’s loaded via scripts are often blocked by the growing amount of “ad blockers” available as browser plugins. And new browser’s are appearing with the sole focus of eradicating these intrusive patterns.

We keep it simple. We keep it smart.

Our in-house designers and developers will embed your company's ad directly into a specific article or festival page, which you can be the sole sponsor of. You pay one price, while your identity is attached to a part of our site, indefinitely. We will happily use up to 3 ads per location to display randomly to help express your business. Some of our pages require specific ad sizes, but we are always willing to work on something unique for you.

See below for sizes and layout information. We can display a few images randomly, and embed a link tracker? if you’d like. We have size preferences, but our site is completely custom and our designers can work with your custom content.

Common sizes we prefer:
728 x 90 Festival Banners
500 x 300 Article Pages
250 x 250 Square